Friday, October 31, 2008


We had such a great time at the Harvest party at our church. I love it that it takes the focus away from the "dark spiritual" part of Halloween and emphasizes the fun, games and of course candy that the kiddos truly love. Here are some pictures of our darling daughter (cowgirl) and a short video of her practicing saying "Yee-haw".

She ended up begging me to clean the "freckles" off before we got to church and ditched the hat about 10 minutes after we got there..... so, she didn't really appear to be dressed up at all. But we still had fun.

Her favorite parts about the evening were probably the 15 minutes she got to jump in the bounce house alone (unheard of) and then on the ride home with Daddy, she got to try a starburst candy (which he said she LOVED). :)

Here is the video of the "practice yee-haw"....


Here she is with our pumpkin that she refused to help me carve. She totally turned down putting her hand into the pumpkin and I had to insist that she pick up a seed that flipped out onto the floor to help me pick up. She said she didn't want to touch it because it had pumpkin juice on it. She didn't have any issues helping me eat the seeds once they were roasted.....

Friday, October 17, 2008

Funny things kids say....

So today, my darling daughter was drawing pictures of our family and I was trying to explain that Daddy's glasses needed lines on the sides to show how they go back over his ears. With a very puzzled look, she stared at me, as if trying to picture what I was saying. Then, a light bulb appeared over her head and she said, "Mommy, I see your lines right here" as she pointed to my forehead. Not exactly what I meant.....

Yesterday (Saturday), Daddy realized that lil E hadn't been to the restroom in quite a while...

Daddy said: "Do you need to go potty? You haven't been in a long time."
She replied, "I went Daddy."
Daddy: "When?"
She replied: "Tuesday"