Monday, July 24, 2017

To make a long {health} story short....shorter

Ok, so I could totally drag our health story / journey on and on (kind of like the wonderful story of the Hobbit going on and on for 3 very long movies), so I'll condense it a little.


Dairy from a cow is a wonderful gift from God, especially raw, unpasteurized milk. It is a blessing unless you're allergic to it, which it turns out myself and my daughters both are allergic. This allergy was the cause of all the pain (and turns out itching from eczema) I experienced for years. We did a 30 day challenge and did not even need to wait the entire time. It. Was. Obvious. Dairy had to go. That was a learning curve (especially 10 years ago when things were not labeled as well as they are now).


I. Hate. Cancer. Everything. About. It. But blessings do sometimes come through the storms of life and the cancer journey we took with my Dad had lasting effects on our lives. One huge thing we learned is that it matters what you eat, whether you are battling cancer or just wanting to fuel your body the best way possible. Veggies matter. Lots of them. The more colorful the better. Artificial anything is bad.


Oh the smell of yeast filled bread baking in the oven or a yummy banana quick bread baking on a cold winter day. It is heavenly, again, unless you're allergic, which it turned out my youngest is highly allergic to gluten. We learned that it does NOT matter if the allergist and dermatologist both tell you that the horrible eczema on your daughter's face is not caused by a gluten allergy - it can be. They don't know everything (but they will send you a bill which makes it seem like they think they do). We eliminated gluten, the eczema went away. I eliminated gluten in my own diet and I was able to go off thyroid medication and stopped having horrible abdominal pains. My other daughter went off gluten and she stopped having so many headaches and throwing up for no reason. So gluten is so super yummy as long as you are not allergic.

Probiotics and Immunity

One of the most devastating things I learned was how important it truly is to have a vaginal birth and to breastfeed your babies (of which I did neither for my daughters). My babies were both C-sections (one emergency and the other by choice because a VBAC scared me to death). Because of this my daughters had terrible immune systems. That was compounded by the constant ear infections as babies which meant several rounds of antibiotics for their little bodies. Their immune systems were shot. It is no wonder they caught every cold and virus that came through our community.

But now, after several years of learning more and more, we are stronger. The Lord has been gracious and prepared my mind to be in a place where I was open to "alternative" healing. We have tried acupuncture / acupressure, chiropractic care, essential oils, supplements, cleanses, and more.

There are so many wonderful benefits from those healthy choices, but for true healing, there is one methodology that has proven to out do them all.

What is it?

You'll find out in my next post.

Stay tuned.