Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Best Plum

A friend gave this to me and I just had to share. I am not sure who the original author is (definitely not me), but the message is so powerful that I hope you are encouraged as well.

The Best Plum

You should learn that you cannot be loved by all people:
You can be the finest plum in the world,
Ripe - juicy - succulent
And offer yourself to all,
But you must remember there will be people
who do not like plums.

You must understand that if you are the World's Finest Plum
And someone you like does not like plums,
You have a choice of becoming a banana.
But you must be warned that if you choose to become a banana,
You will be a second-rate banana.
But you can always be the best plum.

You must realize that if you choose
to be a second-rate banana,
You must remember that
there will be people who do not like bananas.
Futhermore, you can spend your life
trying to become the best banana
(which is impossible if you are a plum)
OR, you can seek again to be the BEST PLUM!!!

Thinking about what to get your darling Mother for the upcoming holiday? Here are a few of my unique suggestions.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Stumped about what to get your Mom, the woman who wiped your poopy butt and runny nose for so many years and still loved you? You want to make her feel special and want her to know how much you love, appreciate and respect her, but she seems to have everything, right? I know the feeling. So here are some ideas for your Mom that are different than the standard flower flat and card. She may appreciate the added thoughtfulness of a unique present this year.


Gadget Lover: Kindle Fire  - This is a fantastic gift idea! My own mother did just get one and she loves it. She can carry around several different books with her to work and doctor appointments. She can use it all over the house for reading and checking email. She can even watch a movie on Netflix!

If your Mom already has a Kindle Fire - maybe she'd like to
have a Kindle Fire Genuine Leather Cover to protect it?

Outdoor Enthusiast: I think this is a delightful idea! This hanging bird bath - First Nature 3004 Globe Style Bird Bath and Waterer - looks awesome. Since I am a cat owner (well, I think my cat is of the opinion that she owns me), I dread having birds bathing too close to the ground. But now if this was up in the tree, they could enjoy a bath and I will enjoy watching them. Wait, does that make me a little freaky because I want to watch the birds take a bath? Lol!

Book Lover: If your Mom loves books and loves to learn new things (especially if it grows her love for God's Word), this may be a fascinating book: Most Misused Verses in the Bible, The: Surprising Ways God's Word Is Misunderstood. It releases on May 1st, so I have not had a chance to review it myself (I think it sounds intriguing!!).

The Home Baking, Cook-off Queen: I LOVE poached eggs on toast and I think the Back to Basics Toaster and Egg Poacher looks FABULOUS!! You can set it for just toast, just an egg (or other pre-cooked meat like ham) or both!

I saw this on another email and just had to pass it along. Not sure what sort of Mom this would be a great idea for - but if maybe YOUR Mom is a taser packing Mama and she'd like to have one in pink? My Mom would be very confused if I bought this for her, but I have an Aunt who would think it was awesome! lol!  Safe. Easy. Perfect for Mom.

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Friday, April 6, 2012

Merry Mail 4-6-12

It is a Good Friday - Great Friday!  It is heavy and painful for me to think about Jesus suffering at the hands of man and enduring the wrath of God on the cross for me...for my sins....for even my "respectable" sins (are any sins truly respectable?). I am broken at the thought of this painful reality. At the same time, I am thankful. Only God giving His Son as a eternal and perfect sacrifice could pay the payment for the sins I have committed against a perfect, holy, eternal God. I am thankful for Good Friday because I know Resurrection Sunday follows. Jesus paid the penalty for my sins and then conquered death and rose again! Praise the Lord for His victory over sin and death!

Take it seriously, my friend. Your sin is serious, even if you think it is {respectable}. It isn't. Christ died for all sins: murder, envy, adultery, gossiping, complaining, arguing, stealing, pride, disobedience to parents. Have you ever committed any of those sins? Yes, they are sins. They are the reason that Jesus had die. They put the crown of thorns on His perfect head, drove the nails into His wrists and ankles, hung Him on the cross and then worst of all -- endured the wrath of God that we deserve. No amount of religious works (prayer, communion, fasting, asceticism, baptism, confession) can outweigh all the sins you have and will commit. Only true repentance and faith in Jesus as your Savior can save you.

Challies has some great kindle deals listed and some interesting articles listed in his A La Carte for today.

Empty Tomb Cookies: Have you made these with your children before? We are going to attempt these this year (egg and dairy free - so please pray for me) and I can't wait to share the hands on activity and apply it to the Easter Story scriptures.

The Unplugged Family has a great article about the way that Satan has his fingers in the Easter celebration (no surprise, eh?). Just look around your local department store. Do you see crosses to celebrate Easter? Or do you see Easter Eggs and Easter Bunnies? Read this article and then pray for wisdom as you decide how to celebrate our Lord's resurrection from the dead this year (and years to come). Remember, it isn't about rules, it is about true, heartfelt worship and there is grace for the gray areas. This is shared in love and for His glory.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Merry Mail 4-3-12

Giveaway: This is the last week to enter in the drawing for the 180 movie giveaway. This is an excellent resource for you to have and share with your loved ones and friends. It will spark intelligent conversation about one of today's most difficult subjects {abortion}. This film will cause people to think about abortion and question the propaganda fed to us all via the news media and culture. All you have to do to enter {click here} leave a comment on the post. 

IndoctriNation: If you have children, especially if they are enrolled in public schools, I highly recommend watching this movie. Our family has chosen to homeschool our girls for a variety of reasons (most of which I just believe that this is what God wants for our family) and this documentary just reinforced that decision. I have heard many parents say that they know the schools teach evolution, so they will just teach their children the Genesis account of creation at home and to ignore the evolutionary "theory". This documentary shows in great detail how the teaching of evolution is not the only problem in the government schools. There is SO MUCH MORE at stake! As a Christian Sister, I urge you to watch this documentary with your spouse and then have a heart to heart conversation about your children's education.

One powerful statement was made concerning the argument that our children are to be salt and light in the public school (an atheist educational institution). The pastor said (my paraphrase) that if you truly want to be salt and light, why not send them to a Muslim or Hindu School where you know all the other students are unbelievers? If you did that, then people would say you are crazy. What is the difference, really?

Daily Scripture Reading for the Passion Week: I should have gotten this out earlier in the week, but here is a list of the scriptures that correspond to each day of the Passion Week (week between Palm Sunday and Resurrection {Easter} Sunday). Follow along in your Bible to see what Jesus was doing the last week of His life on Earth.

Easter Story Cookies: If you have little kids at home, this would be a wonderful visual representation of the Easter story. I am going to attempt to do these without the eggs {my daughter is egg and dairy free} - wish me luck!

Are you a Christian because you {fill in the blank}: Have you been following along in this series as I try to help debunk some of the popular ways people in our culture are self-deceived into believing they will go to heaven when they die. I'd love to hear from you about any experience you have had with these popular, yet sad, reasons why people believe they are saved. I know some of these hit home for me. There were many years that I believe I was very far from the Lord, but if you would have asked me, I would definitely have said I was a Christian.