Friday, April 6, 2012

Merry Mail 4-6-12

It is a Good Friday - Great Friday!  It is heavy and painful for me to think about Jesus suffering at the hands of man and enduring the wrath of God on the cross for me...for my sins....for even my "respectable" sins (are any sins truly respectable?). I am broken at the thought of this painful reality. At the same time, I am thankful. Only God giving His Son as a eternal and perfect sacrifice could pay the payment for the sins I have committed against a perfect, holy, eternal God. I am thankful for Good Friday because I know Resurrection Sunday follows. Jesus paid the penalty for my sins and then conquered death and rose again! Praise the Lord for His victory over sin and death!

Take it seriously, my friend. Your sin is serious, even if you think it is {respectable}. It isn't. Christ died for all sins: murder, envy, adultery, gossiping, complaining, arguing, stealing, pride, disobedience to parents. Have you ever committed any of those sins? Yes, they are sins. They are the reason that Jesus had die. They put the crown of thorns on His perfect head, drove the nails into His wrists and ankles, hung Him on the cross and then worst of all -- endured the wrath of God that we deserve. No amount of religious works (prayer, communion, fasting, asceticism, baptism, confession) can outweigh all the sins you have and will commit. Only true repentance and faith in Jesus as your Savior can save you.

Challies has some great kindle deals listed and some interesting articles listed in his A La Carte for today.

Empty Tomb Cookies: Have you made these with your children before? We are going to attempt these this year (egg and dairy free - so please pray for me) and I can't wait to share the hands on activity and apply it to the Easter Story scriptures.

The Unplugged Family has a great article about the way that Satan has his fingers in the Easter celebration (no surprise, eh?). Just look around your local department store. Do you see crosses to celebrate Easter? Or do you see Easter Eggs and Easter Bunnies? Read this article and then pray for wisdom as you decide how to celebrate our Lord's resurrection from the dead this year (and years to come). Remember, it isn't about rules, it is about true, heartfelt worship and there is grace for the gray areas. This is shared in love and for His glory.

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