Sunday, February 15, 2009

What a fantastic Valentine's day!

It didn't involve going out to eat, finding a babysitter, going to the movies or doing anything overly "romantic". It involved our family, spending time together and making our love for each other our focus.

Our darling daughter and I started on Friday, by making Daddy a card and sweet cherry delight (his favorite dessert). Things were a little side tracked by the minor, finger-tip amputation via sharp (who knew) children's scissors. But, our daughter is a trooper.

Saturday, we made a heart shaped (dairy & egg free) cake for the girls to enjoy - and someone's favorite part is licking the spoon (and eating the cake, of course). Daddy surprised us with some jelly beans and twizzlers (our favs) and a couple sweet cards for Mommy.

Like I said, nothing expensive, just the cost of taking time to think about the other person first. What a wonderful day this has been! We are truly blessed!

Here are some pictures of our daughter, dressed all in pink for the special occassion. The balloon has a rubber band on it, and she is wearing it like a 'backpack'. She wanted to go hunting in the hundred acre woods. :)
And if you're wondering the status of the baby..... We found out she is going to be a girl and that she is growing just as expected (70th percentile). Big sister is a little frustrated that the baby isn't here yet, but she is trying to wait patiently for summer. She is very excited about the baby girl and is now intrigued by every baby she comes into contact with (apologies in advance to all mothers we may run into at the store). :)

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