Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Summer 2009

We have had a summer full of excitement!

The most exciting was the birth of our beautiful daughter - a wonderful blessing from the Lord. People keep asking if she looks like our other daughter and I used to think so, but the older she gets (she's a whole month old now), the more she does NOT look like her sister. I guess she'll just look like herself (and maybe a bit like Mommy as well since her sister looks just like her Dad). :)

2 weeks after Mommy had the baby (c-section), Daddy decided to have some sympathy pains and have his appendix out. We think it might have been the black raspberry seeds getting "stuck" in there. Thankfully, Mommy was up and able to take over the house while he recovered (which was very quick!).

Now our older daughter needs to have tubes put back in her ears and her adenoids out at the end of the month.

So, much prayer is needed for quick healing of the Siefker family!!

Here are some more pictures of our beautiful daughters (still feels weird to say that in plural form).

On a bike ride and stroll in the park...

Our girls and nephew....

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