Monday, January 3, 2011

The Betrayal, A Novel on John Calvin

I recently finished the book The Betrayal A Novel on John Calvin. This was a difficult read, but not in the way that you might be thinking. The author, Douglas Bond, did a fantastic job of painting a thorough picture of how life was during Calvin's life, that it was heartbreaking to read. In the beginning of the story, he told about the plague and how it forcibly tortured and then took the lives from so many. And if that wasn't hard enough to read about, he went on to describe the Protestant Reformation, including the burning and torturing of the martyrs who were standing for their faith. I cannot even imagine the sort of courage and faith it took for these individuals to denounce the church and to give their lives for the translating of the Holy Scriptures and for Christ alone. Today, we think it is a difficult task to approach someone and discuss Jesus - and during this time in history, they could have their tongues cut out and be burned at the stake just by having a copy of God's word in their possession. To read about how hungry God's people were for His Word - and how God gifted, guided and protected John Calvin so that he (and several others as well) was able to provide the Scriptures in the common language and write the Institutes - how amazing! If we all were to die to ourselves and sacrifice our lives for our Lord, what could He do through us? What a fascinating book that produced much thought and prayer in my own life. I highly recommend it. 

The Betrayal, A novel on John Calvin by Douglas Bond

The Institutes of the Christian Religion by John Calvin

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