Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Is your seat reserved in Heaven?

I have a dear friend whose sister just lost the battle with leukemia this week. The sister leaves behind a family that will miss her tremendously - and while I do not make light of this unthinkable sad loss in their lives - how wonderful is it that they will see her again in heaven! My friend wrote the most wonderful message when she told all the friends and family that her sister had gone home with the Lord. It glorified God to the fullest and was a great reminder that God understands our hurts and pain - remember, He sent His own Son to die for each of us. Do you ever think about that? That God gave up all of His glory in heaven, humbled Himself and came to Earth to live as a man. He knows what it is like to be a human. He not only did that, He was separated from His heavenly Father when He suffered, bled and died on the cross. He took on the punishment that we deserve.

So is the only time you even contemplate God at Christmas when you think of the baby in the manger? Or Easter when you see that broken body on the cross? Or maybe when you are hurting and want Him to provide comfort or something to help you? God is worth more than that. He is worth living and dying for. Remember - He lived and died for YOU.

Heaven is where God lives. He is holy, therefore, heaven is a holy place. Nothing that is stained by sin can enter. If you have any question at all about your heaven reservation - please find someone who can help you with the. Find me - I can help you know how to make sure your seat is reserved. Remember, heaven is not the default place everyone goes when they die and hell is not just reserved for the super evil people like Hitler and Stalin.

I want to know that each and every one of you will be in heaven when I get there!!

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