Monday, September 17, 2012

Top 10 Reasons I am looking forward to Fall

Ok, summer is officially my favorite season. I like it H.O.T! I love the sweet smell of chlorine, sweat and sunscreen. I love fireworks {which didn't really happen this year}! I love fresh fruit and veggies! I love playing outside!

But, I am looking forward to the close of summer and starting fall. The crisper air puts a sort of longing in my soul for what is next.....

Top 10 Reasons I am looking forward to Fall 

10. My electric bill is sky high in the summer - especially this summer! We had 50+ days over 90 - and many of those were in the 100s. I like hot weather, but I like it to be cool in the house - especially when I am sleeping. I know, I'm spoiled. So I am looking forward to the lower electric bill.

9. Bonfires, roasted marshmallows and warm wassail. Here is my favorite recipe.

8. Sweatshirts, jeans and hopefully a new pair of boots. Yes, I used to be a cowgirl and I have been turning on the twang again. Yeehaw!

7. Pumpkin picking and hayrides. We live less than a mile {walking distance} from a wonderful pumpkin farm and we love to visit each year. It is such a blessing!!

6. Pumpkin rolls - need I say more? Yummy goodness!!! I could {literally} eat a whole one by myself.

5. Fun crafts - like these awesome Fall Wreath ideas over at Tip Junkie. This is what will be hanging on our front door very soon!

4. Cute hats, scarves and gloves {isn't my model beautiful?}.

3. Beautiful Autumn leaves. It is like the glory of God touching the leaves and erupting in a beautiful splendor of color. And if you happen to see the autumn leaves with a gorgeous red sunrise / sunset - simply breath-taking!!

2. Chili - I love chili! You know, the kind that makes ya sweat. Do you have a favorite recipe? I usually make a venison chili {thanks to my hunter hubby}, but I also like turkey chili and buffalo chicken chili. Mmmmm, my mouth is watering already!

1. The number one reason I am looking forward to the first that all the ragweed will DIE!!! My nose and eyes are in a terrible state and this horrible weed {which I am sure was created in hell itself} needs to go.

Do you have any fun projects lined up for the upcoming season? I'd love it if you wanted to put a link in the comments so that I can see what you are making {or planning to make}.


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