Monday, March 8, 2010

What Difference Do It Make?

I just finished this book and have to say that it was wonderful to hear about what has happened in Ron and Denver's lives since the first book - and also to hear about others that were inspired in so many different ways by the original story. It is wonderful that they have such a passion to help the homeless and are motivating others to move outside-the-box and beyond their fears to help others. For many reasons, we have such qualms about helping the homeless - one of the biggest reasons is that we associate stereotypes that give us the feeling that it is OK to not share with the needy. Both Ron and Denver have used this book to make people aware of these issues and to help encourage them to take the first steps in helping the ones that need help the most. Make an investment - help change someone's life. Move beyond just sending used clothes, toys and food at Christmas.

The part of the book that touched me the most was the personal story of Ron and his attitude towards his father. Ron makes a valid point that sometimes we are busy helping those that are essentially "strangers" and not helping the ones that God has placed in our own families. It is easier to give a little here and there and feel like we are doing such a great job of helping a "cause" while completely overlooking the loved ones we have that are hurting and need us - even if they are old and crochety and act as if they'd rather not have us around.

Excellent book! I highly recommend it!

Remember to be a blessing to people at every opportunity that the Lord grants.

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