Thursday, August 23, 2012

Wishing Wells

As we walked by a stream of water at the zoo the other day, my daughter noticed some coins in the water. She wondered why those were there. I said that some people feel the need to drop {filthy, dirty} coins in any puddle of water and make a wish {yes even at the zoo where the animals live in that same water - not nice in my humble opinion}.  

But that got me to thinking...

I wonder how much money is laying beneath the countless bodies of water, big and small, deep and shallow, as money paid for a wish?

Have you ever turned in a jar of change at the bank and discovered how quickly it adds up? I have and I was GREATLY surprised!

So back to the wishing wells. How much money is there, in the fountains, ponds, wells, creeks? What if it were all gathered, counted and used to buy food for the impoverished? or build houses for the homeless?

Why do we just throw money away when it can be used for good?

Save your coins in a container and donate it to the poor.
Save your wishes and just pray to the true and living God.
Only He is able to make your wishes come true {Mark 11:23-25}.

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