Monday, May 28, 2012

Knot No-Hem Shorts

The Crafty Critique has this super cute tutorial for Knot No-Hem shorts and I couldn't wait to make a pair for my darling daughter. There is always a stack of jeans in her drawer that are too short, but fit fine at the waist. I tell her that I'm going to stop feeding her vegetables so she'll stop growing (and stay my baby girl forever!) - but she insists that won't work. She is so smart. {smile} And how cute are these shorts anyway with a band of fabric - any color you want - to accessorize the edge?

This would also be helpful for those {raunchy} shorts that are so popular. You know the ones. They are missing legs. Obviously this is a rough time with our economy (and over in China where all our clothing is made) when they can't afford to put legs on the shorts. Now you can just add a band of super cute fabric and make them a proper length.

So here is the finished product - what do you think (don't mind the horrible lighting)? Are you going to make some for your daughter? I know she'd love them!! They took less than 30 minutes - and that included my daughter choosing the fabric. :)

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