Saturday, September 6, 2008

Cute Quotes

Cute Quote #5
Playing I Spy, I said, I spy with my little eye something gray. My loving daughter belted out, "Your hair Mama, Your hair!"

Cute Quote #4
Daddy came upon a new stop sign in the road that had not been there before, and exclaimed, "Where did that come from? I wonder who put that there?" Miss Smartie replied, "Jesus did." and then proudly added, "I'm getting good at this!". :)

Of course, when Mommy came upon that stop sign, it completely caught her by surprise, so she barrelled on through it. While Mommy was complaining, Miss Smartie was in the back seat reminding Mommy that red means stop and green means go. Oops...

Cute Quote #3
The other night, she was comparing how to spell "Cole" and "cold". She started to say "c-o-l-e-d", and then looked at me and asked what that spelled. I said that isn't a word. She said, "yes it is Mommy, just sound it out."

Cute Quote #2
As I was assisting in the "clean up process" during a bathroom break, my darling daughter was leaning forward (for obvious reasons) and announced "Mommy, you have BIG toenails!" I'm still trying to decide if that is a compliment or not. ;)

Cute Quote #1
Upon waking up from her nap this afternoon, my daughter and I had this clever (on her part) conversation that proves she is too darn smart.

Darling Daughter: "Mom, can you please turn on lampie?" (new pink desk lamp in her room)
Mom: "How about we just open the blind and light the room with the sunshine that God made for us instead."
Darling Daughter: "God made lampie"
Mom: "Yes He did. But, lampie takes electricity which costs money and the sunshine is free."
Darling Daughter: "God made money"
Mom: "Wanna play outside?" :)

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