Friday, September 5, 2008

Summer Stuff

Our darling daughter's new haircut - the hat immediately after cut (while it was still wet) was not necessarily the smartest thing she has ever done. new haircut - instant hat head. lol! But, we still think she's a cutie.

Wow, I am so excited to create my own blog page. I feel so powerful. :) The only problem is that I don't have anything to say right now. Kind of like being all dressed up and now where to go. I guess I can start with a picture of my darling daughter and handsome hubbie. He is washing off her feet in the sprinkler -- sort of a hillbilly bath. :)

Here is another picture, this one from the zoo a few weeks ago.


  1. So...I read nothing in your blog about Auntie M being your favorite aunt...Hmm! :-)


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