Saturday, September 27, 2008

We're Back from the Smokies!


Vacation is so much fun, but it sure is nice to be home again in Indiana. :) The picture above is from Laurel Falls -- a very popular trail that ends at the waterfall. I was just a tinsy bit nervous with the danger -- danger -- danger signs everywhere and the big cliff drop-offs. But we made it in and out without anyone getting hurt. Praise God!!


Here we are getting ready for our hike at Cades Cove. Yes, that is a harness (leash) on our darling daughter. We didn't want to lose her. :) We saw this sign about aggressive bear activity on our way to the trail.

Daddy shows her how to throw the rocks and acorns off of the bridge. According to the hikers who came through after us, there was probably a bear watching us from the woods here. Eek!

And on our way back to the truck, we had to walk through a primitive campsite (where the people were gone, but their camper and truck remained). We happened on a black bear in search of some food. Their camper had paw prints on it from where he was peeking in the windows at the yummies inside. We even saw him get up on his hind legs to try to take a peek. We watched him (anxiously) for about 20 minutes until the campers (on horse back) and a couple hikers came through. Then he ran off into the woods to splash in the creek.


This is a picture from Clingman's Dome (well the parking lot). It was so cold and windy up there. It was kind of a hazy day and a huge cloud rolled in just after we climbed to the peak. Ugh! But, the view was fantastic and worth the 1/2 mile hike up to the top (even just to say we were > 6600 ft altitude). :)

Here we are from the parking lot with the view at our backs. What a stunning view of God's wonderful creation! Behind Daddy, you can see a cloud creeping in......


And of course, every vacation needs to include a round of golf -- even if it is putt putt. The Ripley's Davey Crockett putt putt was so much fun! It is fairly new to Gatlinburg and very well animated! It was so much fun, that we didn't even keep score.

And we are at the bottom of the prairie dog hill. It worked kind of like plinko as the ball bounced between the prairie dogs. It was great!

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