Thursday, May 19, 2011

My Poor Bike Commuting Husband

My DH has a rough morning here and there - and he tries really hard to draw on the Lord for strength and patience (part of his sanctification process) - but some mornings are harder than others. Here is a brief description of the morning he had yesterday. If you don't already know, he rides his bike to work each day, so he could probably write his own blog about the comings and goings and close calls.
Written by Ed:

Rough start to the morning. Got a desperately needed back tire replacement yesterday. Went to change it this morning, and sliced open my inner tube as I was popping off the old tire. No biggie – I had another that had a small leak. I patched the leak and mounted it up.

So when I was ready to leave for work, it started pouring down rain. Again, no biggie – I went into the house, wrapped everything in my pack with plastic bags, threw on an extra shirt, and headed out again.

When I got on my bike, I noticed that the tire was flat. Arrggghhh! I grabbed the “sliced” tube and patched it. Then quickly popped off the other tire, swapped tubes, and re-mounted.

Had a little bit of an issue getting the tire re-mounted, (was hurrying too much), but when I did, guess what? It was already flat. OK, now my sanctification is in SERIOUS danger.

I went to look at the tube that wasn’t mounted (at this point – the one that was not sliced), and noticed that the hole that I patched was close to the seam, and this seemed to have caused a crummy patch job. I took a little more care, re-patched it, then pulled the tire (again), swapped the tubes (again), and re-mounted the tire (After first fully inflating the patched tube to check for additional leaks). After swapping them, I looked at the sliced tube and noticed that I had sliced it in more than one place. Nice.

This time, I was able to mount up and make it to work. Needless to say, I was a “little” late. Will be interesting to see if it holds air thru the entire day. Might have a Wal Mart run in my lunch plans to get an unpatched tire to have on hand – just in case.

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