Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I have been a dedicated Survivor fan for a very long time. Actually, since the first season started - many moons ago. I love it! And I have no idea why. I hate the thought of eating gross things (although they don't seem to do that much anymore - and I am thankful). I despise the lying and back stabbing and blind siding. I am not a big fan of people running around in magenta skivvies - or even in their skimpy swim suits (and I have a strong opinion about children watching this type of stuff on TV, but more on that in a different post). I think it is disgusting to not brush your teeth for a month (although I am sure they all are sent the best whitening package ever before they go on the show because there is no way, statistically speaking, that all the people they choose could coincidentally have teeth that white). And don't get me started on deodorant. They are always saying how HOT it is on location - imagine that without CREST or RIGHT GUARDICK and DOUBLE ICK!  You know, I am not even a competitive person. I prefer to play a game and not even keep score.

So why do I like Survivor?

I love to see the exotic locations. I love to see God's creation (well, minus the spiders they constantly show)! I love how their lives are not filled with junk. It is down to the basics. Food, water, shelter. I love to see the relationships form and find out how people emotionally and physically handle the extremes. Best of all, I love players like Matt.

Did you watch this season? Unfortunately, Matt didn't win. He came close, very close. He endured hardships. He was isolated much of the time from the other players. He had to handle getting the essentials for daily living nearly all alone (if you don't know, he was on Redemption Island most of the game, alone). He struggled and he admitted it. How did he pull through - by the grace and strength that only God can provide. And Matt constantly gave God all the glory. He talked SO MUCH about God, that the secular media producers couldn't provide any clips where he didn't give God glory. One woman, as she was leaving the "island" declared that she would go home and find a church because she wanted "what Matt had". Another guy said that he also became closer to God because of the example that Matt was to the rest of the players. He prayed to God before the meals. He thanked God for everything, even the trials. Wow! God received SO MUCH face time on primetime TV. Fantastic! I loved it. I was like someone watching the final minutes of the NBA final game. Sitting on the edge of my seat, just waiting for what Matt had to say next. He didn't win, but he was on every episode - and therefore, God was well represented on every episode of Survivor this season.

I'm not sure I'll even watch next season because I just can't imagine how this season could be topped. I am sure the devil has a plan to take the show back for himself and I do not really want to be a part of that. But this season - God was glorified! I love it!

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  1. Dana,

    I fully agree! I LOVED Matt, his spirit was amazing! I really wanted him to come back from redemption island, but when he lost I kept thinking to myself how he would surely win the Sprint favorite player award. I was SO mad that Rob won that and the million! Although, I agree Rob played the game perfectly along with their theme of "Outwit, Outplay, Outlast", I think he deserved his win, but I was so bummed about Matt not getting the favorite player!!!! I too have watched since the first season and am addicted. I guess if you have to have a vice Survivor isn't too bad :-) I do like you LOVE seeing all the neat places they go and the beautiful places God has created!

    Michelle (Peter) Ellis


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