Friday, March 2, 2012

Broken relationship

I have decided to end my long relationship with Survivor. Gulp! It is so hard for this fan of the show to not watch but I do not want to quiet the voice if the Holy Spirit living inside me.

For many years, I watched the show and laughed when people were blindsided, {gasped} as players' clothing began to sag in places that needed to be covered and {cheered on} the players who were strong and cunning. I simply did not care that they were promoting the very things my Savior died for. At that time it didn't matter to me.

Then I had babies. Life got serious. I was feeling very convicted about the way I was living my life and started living for the Lord. I continued to watch Survivor, but felt convicted when my husband stopped watching it with me. I almost stopped watching it then, but for the last two seasons, there was so much talk about God - the True and Living God! I was {shocked and amazed} that He was getting so much facetime on a prime time show. How wonderful!

But I feel like when something good happens that glorifies God, Satan just seethes with envy and works hard to steal the spotlight back for himself. And I do believe that will happen this season. I watched the first show and I could feel the Holy Spirit being grieved. Nothing was God glorifying (except the beautiful landscape scenes). The show was filled with so much of what the culture thinks is "cool and popular", but as a Christian it just makes my heart sad. There are so many who have been fooled and don't even realize it.

So I have cancelled my season pass (that's TiVo lingo if you don't know) and I will miss the beautiful seascapes and even the drama that plays out with the different personalities, but I cannot watch a show that promotes so much sin. Sigh. Sadly, this is not the first show I have had to stop watching, and most likely will not be the last.

If you are still watching Survivor, I do not condemn you at all. I get it. I love(d) the show! I just feel as if there are so many other things that I could spend this precious time doing that will work towards furthering God's kingdom. That is why I am still here, right?

Has this happened to you? Have you had to quit watching a show you enjoyed because you felt it did not honor God? I'd love it if you shared your opinion.

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