Monday, March 12, 2012

Top Ten - Goals for this week

I am a list person. If it is on a list, I tend to get 'er done.

So here is my *to do* list for the week. I am going to print it off (I need to add *buy printer ink* to the list so that I am able to print it off - oops!) and post it in my bathroom so that I remember where my focus needs to be placed.

Ten Goals for the week of 3-11-12

1. Read and listen to my Bible readings every day. I have been working through a daily Bible program and have found such depth to the passages if I can not only read them each day, but also listen to them. I have the YouVersion app on my phone and love the audio that is available. This makes reading and listening to the scriptures convenient and frees me from any excuse I have used in the past.

2. Beef Kabobs: I am going to try a new recipe. I *love* to cook, therefore, I love recipes, cookbooks, online recipe collections (with reviews from people who have tried the recipe is an added bonus - is my fav). This one was sent by Crystal & Co and I can't wait to try it out.

3. Finish the new spring dresses I have started for the girls. They are super cute and I cannot wait to see my girls dressed up in their new dresses. I'll be sure to post a picture when they are done.

4. Drink more water. I drink water, but I need to drink more. In order to make sure I do this, I am going to fill a 46 oz jug to make sure I drink at least that amount each day. I had better get it in early in the day or I may be making several trips to the "little girls room" in the middle of the night.

5. Behold the Beauty:  I want to review this art curriculum and use it with my daughter over the summer. She is such a *learner* that taking a full break from school over the summer is not beneficial. School and books are a great way for she and I to spend quality time together and it will be so much fun to teach her *art* this summer! I can't wait to order this book this week!

6. Play / work outside as much as possible. It is spring here in Indiana and our family loves to be outside! It is time to clean out the flower beds and see the wonderful new growth beneath the dead leaves. Spring is such a great reminder of how we, as believers, come alive when we are born again!

7. Write and post the next 2 articles in my "You think you are a Christian because you {fill in the blank}" blog series. This is such a challenging article and I want to make sure that I do the research and prepare these articles in such a way that they are both truthful and full of grace and love.

8. Take a load of stuff to Goodwill. I have so many bags of clothes and household items that I keep putting aside to take to Goodwilll and I need to just take it.

9. Run 15 miles this week. I am not sure if my knee will let me complete this goal, but I like having goals so I am leaving it on the list. I started today off with a 4 mile run, so that leaves 11 more miles for the week.

10. Last but definitely not least, become an Aunt again! My sister is expecting her first baby and is due on 3/15. I am so thrilled to be an Aunt again and to have the blessing of seeing my girls with a younger cousin (they have been the youngest on both sides of the family so far). I am also thrilled for my sister to enjoy being a Mom. She did not think she was able to have children, so to not only get pregnant, but to also have a pretty easy pregnancy is truly a blessing straight from heaven! Thank You Lord for the life you have created. Lewis Patrick - we cannot wait to meet you!!

So what is on YOUR list for the week, besides entering my current giveaway (click for details on how to enter).

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  1. I'm a list person too... though it's more often a mental list these days as I haven't got time to write it down! On my list would be read my Bible, drink more water, play outside, and take stuff to Goodwill like you. I also have a TON of homework for my classes (almost at the end of semester!). And I'm trying to get back into exercising every day. :) Good luck! And congratulations on becoming an aunt!!!


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