Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Church

We have been praying for this little baby, Micah, that was having a hard time surviving. He has a fragile body that is in need of some repairs (hole in his heart and various other challenges).

The family does not attend our church, and I am not even sure how we learned about his needs, but we have been praying for quite some time for his life and praising God about the testimony his parents have had with the medical staff. They have had several opportunities to share the gospel (God's love story) because of Micah.

Micah went in for open heart surgery yesterday (this was his second heart surgery).

Our family decided to join a homeschool co-op this year. This week is our first week. There have been a few prayer requests that have been emailed already. Yesterday, one came through for Micah. His family is also associated with the co-op.

As I prayed for Micah and plead for God to be glorified through his tiny, frail life, I also praise God. I praise Him for the gentle reminder that we do not just belong to our local church, but we are all members of His Church - and it is global! The feeling that we are part of His family and knit together with His love is amazing! It brings me to tears.

So baby Micah made it through surgery and now we continue to pray for his recovery. Our church prays. Our co-op prays. We all pray and God hears our prayers.


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