Thursday, June 28, 2012

10 Ways God was Glorified

If you have been following along, you know that I just returned from a mission trip to the Three Angels Children Relief organization in Haiti. It was an amazing trip and I know that God was glorified!


1. God was glorified by His global church worshipping Him together on Sunday. It was fantastic to be in a body of Haitian believers and singing worship songs together {I in English and the crowd in Creole}. It reminds me of how wonderful it will be when peoples from every tribe and tongue worship the Lamb of God in heaven.

2. God was glorified because His followers not only sent items (diapers, wipes, medicine, clothes, shoes) to the poor in Haiti, but we went there and took our love. It is the ministry of presence and it is vital. It is one thing to air ship items to the people, but to hand it to them with a hug and a smile glorifies God because as we all know - God is Love.

3. God was glorified as we worked hard each day. God gave us these bodies. He made us strong {some stronger than others}. He made us capable for good works. We glorify Him when we use our bodies and strength to help others. As I workout at the gym, part of me wants to be skinny {don't we all?}, but the bigger part of me wants to be strong. I want to be a good help meet for my husband and I want to be able to help work for the Lord. That happened in Haiti. We painted. We cleaned. We lifted and packed and moved and swept and hammered and pulled nails and you get the picture. All sorts of manual labor {even sealing the cistern} and all for His glory!

4. God was glorified as we loved on the babies at the orphanage. The weak, the impoverished and infants cannot give anything to society. In many cultures, it is acceptable to even kill the unwanted babies even after they are born {it breaks my heart to think about abortion killing unborn babies, but some even kill them after they are born! I cannot even fathom the idea!}. The orphanage provides a safe, loving and wonderful environment for the parents who have children that they are not able to care for to be raised and wait for their forever family. We were a part of this process by loving on the babies. It is definitely a *God Thing* when this gal {pointing at myself here} who is not necessarily a baby person scoops up those lil' Haitian babies and instantly falls in love. God put a love for those babies in my heart and He is glorified!

5. God was glorified as the children attending the Christian school witnessed our presence. They may be saying in their hearts - why would these English want to come here? They are told that it is all because of Christ and the love that He put in our hearts - and therefore, God is glorified.

6. God is glorified through the testimony of our church - working with Three Angels by sending money, goods, people, Bible teaching, love and prayers. The Haitians involved with Three Angels know when Centennial Bible Church visits and they look forward to each visit. They eagerly sign up to receive notifications of the next visit. Centennial Bible Church glorifies God!

7. God is glorified as we bring the jewelry and purses back to sell. Many Haitians have learned the skill of sewing or bead/jewelry making and they need the opportunity to sell their goods. Since the average Haitian makes $1 a day, they are not able to purchase these goods from each other {they need that dollar to buy food and provide shelter for their families}, they send their crafts home with Americans to sell for them. This way, they are able to provide basic needs for their families. God is glorified as we assist in the selling of their handmade crafts!

8. God is glorified when my husband takes a week off of work - not to go on an elaborate fishing trip, golf in the Carolinas, hunt in the Rockies or even just relax on the beach. He took a week off of work in order to stay home and care for our girls while I {a SAHM} went on a mission trip to Haiti. I am sure that to the world this appears strange, but it was a loving sacrifice my husband made for our Lord and for me. I am so blessed and God is glorified through my husband's sacrifice.

9.  God was glorified as families from our church made meals for my husband and daughters while I was in Haiti. I could sleep a little easier knowing they weren't eating Wendy's each night for dinner. They even planned a trip to the movie theater and watched my girls so my husband got a bit of a break. God is glorified as we lovingly provide for our brothers and sisters in Christ. God was definitely glorified through our friends!!

10. God is glorified whenever you read this story and proclaim, God is Good!! So please pass this along so He will continue to be glorified.


  1. What a fantastic blog post! I just love to hear about the Lord being glorified!!! I love your new blog look too!

    1. Thanks, Melissa! I love glorifying the Lord as much as I can as well (and hear others' stories). :)


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