Monday, June 18, 2012

What a work day!

Today is Monday and it was a work day. Can you even call it work when there is such gladness in our hearts serve?

We started our morning with a fantastic breakfast and then swarms of kisses and 'bonjours' from the kids at the school.

Then we walled over to the orphanage to worship the Lord with the nannies, missionary family that resides there and other staff. There is just something so moving and beautiful about the Haitians singing in Creole. During the singing one of the babies awoke and he did everything he knew how to do to get me to pick him up. Who could resist a smile like that? Not I. He is beautiful! They all are. We spent time just loving on the babies and it was great! Those babies adore the gal who is their therapist, helping them adjust after abandonment. They flash her smiles and keep their eyes fixed on her just waiting for to pay them some attention - which she is happy to do. I am not sure who loves her being there more, the babies or her.

We visited with the cute missionary kids who were happy to give us a tour of the roof, including the view of the ocean. I can't even imagine the way these kids' worldview will be impacted by their stay in Haiti.

After lunch, we went to work clearing out a couple of rooms they recently built. Tough work, but so rewarding. They currently have almost 300 kids attending the school and the CRAM into 3 {maybe} 20x20 rooms. The rooms they are building are to expand the classes. Can you believe the children sit still and pay attention to their teachers? They do because they have friends who do not have the luxury and blessing of attending school, something we take for granted (and actually complain about) in the states. We cleaned out rusty nails, sand, concrete blocks, trash, {dirty} water and lots and lots of wood.

Then some {not me. One word: claustrophobia} climbed down into a cistern to get the water out {buckets and small shop vac} so that it can be fixed and painted. Water is such a valuable resource.

After a super yummy dinner, more of the team climbed back onto the cistern to clean out the garbage that had been thrown down there. Ew!

Tomorrow...guess who will be back in the cistern to make the repairs and paint {again, not me but I am sure it won't be me - maybe Karstyn. He is quick to volunteer}. Guess who else is going to head back to the orphanage for someone love {me for sure!!}.

Until then, good night, sleep tight, don't let the Mosquitos bite.

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