Tuesday, June 19, 2012


The place I am staying in Haiti is full of love. One of the young ladies staying here was recently engaged and she was beaming with love and pride to show off her fiancé. She told me that she loves him so much because he loves Jesus. What a wonderful requirement for a soulmate!

At the Christian school, the students are not the only ones full of love, so is the headmaster. He has a heartwarming love for Jesus and the children. He has a strong desire for the children to be trained in the ways of the Lord. He knows that this is the only true way to make a difference in their lives and in the community.

And I got to great experience a fantastic display of love {and unfortunately heartbreak} today. They received a new baby at the orphanage. That place was hopping with excitement and frenzy as we were wondering it it was a girl or boy, the baby's age, the story....what did God have in store? Everyone wanted to meet the baby boy and it was moving. My heart breaks for the mother who loves her baby boy so much that she wants him to have something more than she is able to provide. But my heart is also warmed by the overwhelming display of love and nurture this baby boy will receive at the orphanage. He has a new {hopefully temporary since the ultimate goal is to restore the family} family that already loves and adores him. They zipped around to get ready and drove to the agency to get him as quickly as they could.

They received him with love and open arms, the same way Our heavenly Father receives us when we turn to Him.

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