Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Body of Christ

What an experience! To be in church where I can barely (if at all) understand the language, but know that we are worshipping the same God is such a fantastic feeling! To be a part of the literal, universal body of Christ. The Bride of Christ. It was beautiful! I will be honest, I cried.

Especially after the devotions last night (thank you Ben), it reminded me of how beautiful it will be for every tribe and tongue worshipping the King in heaven. I loved it that I was able to recognize the first few songs and sing along (in English of course). The service was filled with scripture being read in French, beautiful songs being sung out of love and a sermon that I absolutely could not understand. A few in our group were seated by our interpreter (and friend, Jean BeFleur) who said the pastor was persuading godly living based out of the scriptures. What could be better than that?

Afterward we walked 10 mins to a local {fancy} hotel for lunch before the youth meeting tonight. We were blessed to share a meal with Jean and his family {all 5 beautiful and well behaved children}. It was such a blessing! It was so cute to see the children flock around the fancy phones. Yes they love Fruit Ninja here in Haiti!

Next up...the youth meeting. One of our church leaders, Dave, will be teaching 90 youth and a couple young adults, Maddie and Ben, will be sharing their testimonies with the Haitians. What a treat - and it'll be in English!

More on that later...

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