Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Healthy Tuesdays - Snacking

So you thinking - great, she's going to say that snacking isn't good and grazing like a cow all day is what's giving me that muffin top.

Wrong. Snacks are a good choice - actually, a great choice!

Snacks curb your appetite and keep you from over eating at meal times. Snack can help keep your blood sugar regulated so that you don't end up with a carb crash and feeling like you are starving!

Now, there are good snacks and bad snacks.

  • A dozen Oreo cookies - bad snack.
  • 2 Oreos (serving size) - better snack.
  • Carrot sticks and dip - great choice.
  • A large DQ blizzard with chunks of your favorite candy bar - bad snack.
  • A serving size of ice cream - better snack.
  • Frozen fruit bar - great snack.
  • Little Debbie snack cakes - bad snack.
  • Low fat graham crackers dipped in applesauce - good snack.
  • Bowl of high fiber, low sugar cereal - great snack.
  • Apple slices dipped in 2 tablespoons of peanut butter - great snack.
  • 15 raw almonds and 1/3 cup of raisins - great snack.

A good snack should be something natural (preferably a veggie or fruit), low in sugar, not contain chemicals like high fructose corn syrup and have fiber or protein to help you feel full longer.

Having a good snack, along with a big glass of water, will help prevent you from the starvation then over-eating cycle.

So don't forget have a snack today!

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