Friday, July 1, 2011

A Man Called Peter

A Man Called PeterI have a hard time finding anything redeeming to watch on TV these days. I don't really like bash 'em up, shoot 'em up action movies. I don't like too many romantic movies since usually involve too much skin. I don't like too many comedies because they are all to free with their "language". So, it is hard to find movies to watch.

But I found one, and I HIGHLY recommend it.

Well before I say you'll like it, we'll take a short test about movie qualities:

  • Do you like a little tug at the old heart strings - happy, a bit sad, but then happy again?
  • Do you like movies where the people are dressed nicely, but still covering everything that needs to be covered?  
  • Do you like to laugh at good, clean humor?
  • Do you like a movie that glorifies God and His word?
  • Do you like movies that are based on a true story?  

If you said yes to these, then you'll LOVE "A Man Called Peter". This movie is full of all the above. Emotions, clean humor, and glorifying to God. Not only did I like it, but my darling husband did as well (so it wasn't too much of a chick-flick).

Of course, if you like the fast paced, violent, shiny, worldly, cheap entertainment that is all over the movie screen today - you might not appreciate the good, small town feel of this wholesome movie.....just sayin'.

This movie is available for instant watching on Netflix, so put it in your queue today!

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