Monday, July 11, 2011

Science from a Biblical worldview

101 Great Science ExperimentsMy darling daughter is fascinated by science. Is yours? I think there are a lot of kiddos that love to learn and discover the "hows" and "whys" about our world. It is very important to our family to glorify our God - the One Who created this world and thought of everything like DNA, fingerprints, seasons, gravity, volcanoes, and all the different creatures (and much, MUCH more) - when discussing anything, especially science. This is more difficult than it seems (unfortunately).

Why is it that most of the scientific community thinks they are too smart for God? They have such crazy ideas like the evolution THEORY and a big bang THEORY -  and they teach this to our young people as if it were FACT. They are unable to prove these theories, but they would rather believe in a lie than admit that we were all created by a super intelligent Designer. I mean, when you admit that you were created, then you are forced to think that maybe your Creator might have some guidelines and requirements for your life. Can you tell this is a hot button for me?

We are so fortunate to live near (and by near I mean 2 hours away) the Creation Museum in Cincinnati, OH. If you have never been, you should make plans to visit. It is fantastic! They teach about the Creation of the world. They answer questions that you might not even know you had (like what happened to the dinosaurs). There is a petting zoo, botanical garden walk, movie theaters (showing their movie clips), and fantastic planetarium! It is put together by the people at Answers in Genesis.

My daughter (she is 5) recently received a hand-me-down book about 101 Science Experiments and it was like Christmas! Her eyes glassed over and she got this super excited look on her face. She keeps reading all the different experiments and can't decide which one to do first (I have informed her that if it involves electricity, she needs Daddy's help - Mama's scared of getting zapped!). Today, we are experimenting with shadows (seems easy enough, eh?) - and learning how light travels in a straight line. She had fun playing with cut outs of pacman and the ghosts. Daddy's love of old arcade games comes shining through.

We are also fortunate enough to get the Smile of a Child TV station. We do not pay for cable or satellite, so we get the over-the-air channels that are free (imagine! free TV?). One of the stations we get is this Smile of a Child. It is wonderful programming for little kids that focuses on God. Our favorite program is Super Simple Science with Dr. Quack and Dizzy Izzy. This is a science program that teaches children from God's perspective. Here are some examples of things they teach:
  • How wonderful God made us with our 5 senses. 
  • How God makes our world spin the perfect speed because if it were faster we'd go spinning out of orbit and if it were slower, the stuff would fall off.
  • How God created our body to help defend itself against germs.
It really is amazing to watch a science program on TV that even mentions God in a good light.

So while we are taking a break from our homeschooling schedule, we are still learning and giving glory to God in the process. What a joy and a blessing it is to be parents and to teach our children about God and His great world!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this!!!!!! I stumbled upon your blog through the Tuesday linkup, and I must say I am glad I did! we too have found it difficult to find science stuff that is actually, hmm..real science. Thanks for the information!


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