Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Thankful Calendar

I love this time of year! Ok, not the dark mornings and evenings and cooler temps, but I love the heart focused attention to being thankful.  I love to focus my attention and the attention of our girls from "I want, I want" to "Thank You, dear Lord."

One way we do this is by having a Thankful calendar. Below are the pictures of ours this year. Each day of the month has a pocket. Inside each pocket is a slip of paper where we will write down 30 things we are thankful for.

My 6 year old daughter talks about it the calendar all day long as she thinks and plans out what she'll write down tomorrow. She has down her family and sunrise/sunsets so far.

It is also lots of fun to write down things that our 2 year old is thankful for. Yesterday was ice cream and this morning was vitamins (the gummy kind).

I love it!

Follow along with the Days of Thankfulness -
click here to read  {Day 1}.


  1. This is beautiful. What a lovely way to cultivate contentment and gratitude.


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