Sunday, November 6, 2011

Thankfulness {Day 6} Our Church

I am thankful for our church. When I usually speak of the church, I am talking about the global church - the body of Christ. This time, I am still referring to the body of believers; but more specifically, the people who attend Centennial Bible Church.

Is it a perfect church? Sure looks like it from the outside. That is one gorgeous building!

But no, the people are not perfect. They are all sinners just like me. I can expect to be let down. I can expect for the programs to be flawed. I can expect many opportuntities to complain (which unfortunately I do way too often - gulp).

But I love these people. We are knit together with a love for Christ and therefore a love for each other. My soul feels so refreshed when I am sitting in the blue chairs (ok, not my head because of the vertigo, but my soul is refreshed FOR SURE). I know I am sitting in a room of people who truly care about me and my family.

I get to praise and worship our Lord together.

We sit under the teaching of a wonderfully gifted Pastor.

We get to serve with the kids and teach them about God. More importantly, we are forming relationships with the kids and loving on them.

What a wonderful gift when family is not close (either in distance or in heart)!

And when I am not there, I miss it.

God had a wonderful thing in mind when He thought of the local church and I am ever so grateful!

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