Monday, November 7, 2011

Thankfulness {Day 7} Other Pastors

I have a hard time taking my thoughts captive and keeping my mind focused on Jesus. If I listen to my random thoughts based on my experiences and emotions - I can quickly end up angry, frustrated, unthankful, complaining, sad, depressed, and just plain ugly.

One thing I do is try to immerse myself in sermons and teachings from gifted pastors on the radio and podcasts.

I love Moody Radio!

I can have the radio on in my kitchen and listen while I am cooking or cleaning. What a fantastic treat to have such wonderful teachers and worship music at my fingertips.

At 9am most weekdays, I am doing the breakfast dishes and listening to my favorite online sermon series - Today in the Word. The current series is on prayer and Joe Stowell's sermon on the "Muchness of God" is fAnTaStIc!! If you ever wondered how or why prayer works - you should definitely go online and check this one out (past programs).

I love Podcasts!

This is an excellent way to catch those sermons that I have missed. I podcast our own church (Centennial Bible Church) sermons when I have to teach Sunday School or miss because of a sick kiddo (that happens a lot it seems).

Some of my other favorites are Wisdom for the Heart, Truth for Life, Today in the Word, Albert Mohler, Janet Parshall's In The Market and Family Life Today.

You can find most of these at OnePlace.

What a gift it is to be able to hear so many gifted preachers and teachers anytime and anyplace!!  Thank You, Lord!

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  1. Oh YES for other pastors.. I listen to Dr. Stanley on radio and he keeps me grounded my my thoughts are becoming evil.

    my list


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