Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Inspiring our kids

Do you have little ones running around your house? Do you ever sit and dream about what they will become when they are older? Not just will the behavior training "stick" so they will be courteous, kind, morally "good" adults - but how God will use them to further His kingdom? Do you sit in the quiet of the morning and imagine your little boy becoming a preacher of the gospel? Or your little girl serving the homeless at a local shelter? What gifts, talents, personality traits, and abilities has God blessed your little one with? How can you help develop those character traits to be something they will want to use to glorify God?

This is the subject of the chapters we are reading for our Ministry of Motherhood (MoM) book study this week. It has me daydreaming of my girls when they are young adults. That's a heart-warming and heart-breaking thought, all at the same time. To imagine them as women, not in my house, not needing to be tucked in at night, not needing me to kiss the owies and put on the special princess Bandaids.....  But to also think of the wonderful ways in which they will (Lord willing) live out godly lives, serve others, raise children, sing, love, dance, and grow their faith in Christ.  Oh the possibilities! Will they be missionaries? Will they marry a pastor? Will they invest in a career that can be used to help others? 

As a Christian, the desires I have for my children are not based on fun, fame or fortune. I don't desire big houses filled with stuff and fancy rides. I don't desire diamonds and gold or the American dream. I desire lives filled with humility, love, patience, service, and God. These are the only things that bring TRUE HAPPINESS.

The Vacation Bible School verse from yesterday is so true -

For where your treasure is,
there your heart will be also. Matthew 6:21

What desires and dreams do you have for your children? How does this change the you parent them now? Do you try to inspire them to seek God's will as they are chasing their dreams?

Set your minds on things that are above,
not on things that are on earth. Colossians 3:2

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