Thursday, June 9, 2011

Same Blog - New title

You might have noticed I have changed the title of my blog from Dana's blog to a Merry, Married, Mary Mom. I thought Dana's blog sounded sort of blah, and wanted to come up with a cute, catchy name, that had scriptural meaning and related to the life stage I am currently in. So here it is....

Merry  - because I strive, with the gentle nudging of the Holy Spirit, to be a Merry and joyful person. Giving thanks for all things and full of love for all.

Married - well, because I am married. ha ha!  And marriage is something that God loves, God builds and can only succeed when built on God's foundation. Ed and I both want to glorify God with our marriage.

Mary Mom - Remember the story of Martha and Mary. Both were showing they loved Jesus, but one did it in the form of service, which included anxiety and worry. The other just sat at His feet and loved Him. She soaked up every second she was with Him. Too often, I am a Martha Mom. I serve my girls (and husband) because I love them. I clean the house, make beds, do laundry, cook, scrub toilets, wipe butts, sew, plan fun parties....all kinds of things. But sometimes, I am so busy serving them, that I haven't taken the time to love them. Most of the time, they just want me to sit on the floor and play horsy or Uno or build a lego tower. I still love to serve them, but I feel God reminding me to just sit with them, love them and soak it all up while they are here and they are little. They are only little for a little while.

There you have it - I am striving to be more of a Merry, Married, Mary Mom (and wife).

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