Friday, June 24, 2011


Where do you find your security?

When our first DD was a baby, she didn't cling to a pacifier or stuffed animal. But she found security in her receiving blankets - or as she soon called it, her "gigi" (pronounced "gee gee"). I have no idea where the name came from, but it was all her idea. And at 5, she still loves her gigis.

Now with our second daughter, her security was Mommy (me). We had a problem with her sleeping in our bed at night and had to go through the painful process of sleep training. After reading online and various books, we learned that we needed to help her find a lovey for security. That was pretty easy. She had this stuffed penguin so we encouraged her to love this when it was time to go to bed. She also found security in her pacifier. We know the drill. Take it away when they are 1 to limit how attached they get to the pacifier (and bottle). But I found myself making excuses. She was sick. She was teething.
We went on vacation and needed to have her pacified for the trip.
Now she is 2. We are trying again. Yesterday at naptime went smooth as silk. Bedtime - not so much. I caved. I couldn't take the crying and after nearly an hour of not going to sleep (not crying the entire time, but a lot of it) - I gave her what she desired.


Pop. Once it was in her mouth, she nearly instantly fell asleep.

Pacifier 1
Parents 0

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