Monday, June 13, 2011

Vacation Bible School

This week is our church's Vacation Bible School. The gals who are in charge of this do a FANTASTIC job of decorating and organizing to make a super fantabulous week for the kids. We look forward to this every year!! I had to miss a couple years because we were blessed with our bundle of joy, but now that she is nearly 2, I am back on board - and rearing to go! I am so super excited to get to know some new kids and hear God's Word being taught in such a super fun and exciting way! So, be watching for the pictures coming soon. Our church chooses to teach the Answers in Genesis (AIG) curriculum and this year, it is a Wild West theme (see the note below about AIG). Kind of brings out the YEEHAW in this ole country girl. Who knows, maybe I'll find my boots and belt buckle and CoWgIrL uP!

There is one thing that is disappointing - my nephew thinks he has outgrown VBS. He is 12 this year and it breaks my heart that he won't be going with us. The other thing we loved about VBS was that he came and stayed with us for the week. We LOVE him so much and love having him at our house. But, alas, he is growing up - not as fast as he wants, but faster than I desire - and he is going to summer camp this year instead of VBS. I know he would have LOVED the country theme. Lord - we love that boy and are thankful that he is in our lives, even if he doesn't want to go to VBS. :)

So, be watching for our pictures and wonderful VBS stories - and help us pray for the hearts of these dear children. Pray that God is glorified and all of the kids stay safe and have fun learning about the Rock of Ages.

NOTE: If you haven't heard of AIG  - they help explain Genesis from a scientists/creationists perspective. And if you haven't heard of the Creation Museum, you need to go. It is fantastic! It is in the Cincinnati area and a must for all Christians. It gives a Biblical defense of the Genesis account (the only true account) of Creation. It explains how what happened to the dinosaurs, why people don't live 900 years anymore, has a life-size representation of Noah's Ark, petting zoo, botanical garden, awesome planetarium, and more....  You won't regret it.

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