Tuesday, September 20, 2011

180 Movie

Have you heard of this? Have you heard of Ray Comfort?

He and Kirk Cameron (I'm sure you've heard of him - think Growing Pains) teamed up to do the Way of the Master teaching series. This was a fantastic teaching series on evangelism and how to start that awkward conversation about where a person might be spending eternity. If you have not had a chance to see the Way of the Master yet, I highly recommend it!

Back to the 180 movie. I heard Ray talking on Janet Parshall's radio program, In The Market, about his latest documentary. He says that there is one question you can ask almost anyone about their belief in abortion that will have them completely change their viewpoint - 180 degrees.

He says he interviews all different types of people that God brought his way - including a neo-Nazi with a blue mohawk.

This movie will show on their website free on 9/26. After it is available to the public, you are also supposed to be able to order copies of the movie for $1 each. This is such a cheap price because they want you, me and the entire church to hand them out to everyone we know.

I cannot wait to watch the movie and find out what that one heart penetrating question is! I also cannot wait to order copies of the movie to hand out to all my friends and family.

What can you do?
  • Go to the website to find out more about the 180 movie.
  • Listen to the radio broadcast archive of Ray Comfort on In the Market (Hour 1 on Sept 15th).
  • On Sept 26, less than one week, go to the 180 movie website and watch the movie.
  • Order copies of the movie to give away to people you know
  • Pray that this movie will have a huge impact on people's lives.
  • Help get the word out - tell your friends about the movie!


  1. Kirk Cameron...I had a HUGE crush on him growing up...lol

  2. LOL!

    Did you see Fireproof? Excellent movie as well!

  3. I did see that movie!!!! I laughed so hard at the coffee scene, ya know when he makes her coffee and she's so fed up she ignores it? Unfortunately, that is so something I would have done...lol.


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