Thursday, September 8, 2011

Posting Scripture

One thing I really strive to do is keep God at the center of my life - and therefore, the lives of those in our house.

After having foot surgery, I was planted on the couch for a good, long while. I spent a lot of this time listening to sermons, reading my Bible and praying. This was the beginning of a long road of surgeries and recoveries for me. It was like God put a couple of S turns in my life and has turned my life around.

While desperately wanting to be back on my feet, I was reminded that I desperately need God to be a part of the process. He has me on the couch for a reason and I believe that reason was to focus my life on Him.

One way I chose to do this was to put a scripture verse on my wall (where I could see it from the couch) to be reminded that I need to draw on Christ's strength, not my own.

This reminded me, as I sat on our couch, or headed down the hall, that I can do, not one thing, or even some things - but ALL things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13. I can remember just dealing with the pain and swelling in my foot as I painted this on the wall. But I did it - and God gets all the glory!

This is a picture of my darling daughter posing in the hallway where the scripture is written.

I meditate on this verse often. When I am feeling down about something, or choosing to do some negative self-talk, I am reminded that I can do all things because of Christ.

I felt a change. I felt a shift of priorities. This was a good thing.

Now I put scripture and God honoring quotes everywhere. I'm kind of a manic about it, but that's a good thing, right?

I have it all over our refrigerator.

On the window that is above my sink in the kitchen. Yes, that is a fake window, but I see outside in it's reflection (and therefore it helps me keep an eye on the girls as they play on the deck while I am scrubbing dishes).

In our bathroom.

In our living room, real big, right above the big bay window.

And especially in our homeschool room. I have a verse on the wall. We have scripture to follow as our "school rules". And my favorite of all is when my daughter writes scripture on the white board.


  1. I LOVE THIS!! I like to put up verses also, although lately I find myself overlooking them too often, like they have been up too long, maybe it's time to rotate them.

  2. I think rotating them is a FANTASTIC idea! That was my plan for the little picture frames that are in the bathroom. :)

  3. I love it! Thanks for sharing with me. Gives me some great ideas!


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