Monday, October 3, 2011

Do Tracts Work?

I am sure you have seen a gospel tract - at least I hope you have. Have you ever wondered if they work? Do you think people just turn the corner after receiving a gospel tract and toss it into the trash can? Or do you think they might read them and it may actually change their lives - convict them about their sin and set them on the straight and narrow path towards Christ?

I love this story - and it is true. This little white-haired man, Mr. Jenner, in Australia handed out 10 tracts a day for 40 years and he thought no one heard him. He thought the fruit of his labor was an empty basket. Oh boy ! God gets all the glory here and what a treasure this man had as he entered heaven! I am sure God said to him, "Well done thy good and faithful servant."

Take a few minutes of your time (less than 10) to listen to this amazing story (youtube video below or click this link)!

When you are finished, you might want to think about purchasing some gospel tracts. These are the tracts (free tickets to heaven) that my darling husband choose for our family. After listening to this, I am inspired to get out there and hand them out!

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