Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Healthy Tuesday

Ok, since the majority of my free time (that's a joke since I am the Mom of a 2 yo and homeschool our first grader) is spent with the 31 Days of Good News this month - on Healthy Tuesdays, I will pass along an awesome blogpost that I think will help encourage you. This week it is (drum roll please)..... 

Peak313 Fitness

Clare gives wonderful information on being healthy inside and out. If you do not already follow her blog or like her page on facebook - you should!

This week she has a super helpful {free} printable. The first page is to track your Halloween candy binges (binge on candy - who? me? I mean to say occassional snacks..hee hee!). This is helpful to track times of the day that you are the most vulnerable to the sugary sweet temptations of candy corn. Have I mentioned that I am a full-on candy corn addict?

The second page has some of the most popular candy listed as well as the nutritional value and how much time you'd need to exercise to burn off that KitKat.


So stop by Peak313 Fitness and get your free printable today!

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  1. I'm so glad you enjoyed it!!!!
    And thanks for the promotion!!!



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