Thursday, October 27, 2011

Good News {Day 27} Sharing Jesus

So you are talking to someone, maybe a friend or just an acquaintance, and you feel the prompting from the Holy Spirit to share Jesus with this person. So when you are at the park with your kiddos talking to that other Mom, how do you get the conversation from "toddlers putting remotes in the toilet" to "do you love the Lord?"

Again, from the book Share Jesus Without Fear (can you tell I love this book?), it says that you can start a conversation with someone using one of these 5 questions (below). You can choose to start with number one and go through them in order, or if you already know something about the person's spiritual beliefs, you can begin farther down the list.

Now before we get to the questions, we need to talk about how you will respond. First, think about what you say when your husband declares he is going to take down that big tree in the yard by himself. 


 That's right - basically a non-opinionated response but it still lets the person know you are listening.

So keep your trap shut and just listen. Remember we said it is the work of the Holy Spirit that does the work - so let the Holy Spirit work. It is much harder with you blabbing at the same time. :) This will be ESPECIALLY important as we move on to the scriptures (you'll have to wait until tomorrow for that).

One primer before you get to question one might be, "do you go to church anywhere?" That might help ease the conversation a bit.

1. Do you have any kind of spiritual beliefs? This may get the person rambling on about all the different flavors of religion they have tried in their lifetime, or it might be a simple yes or now response. Just remember to not ask about God, because (for some odd reason) that might offend someone.

2. To you, who is Jesus Christ? Now if the person responds, "My Lord and Savior" - you know they are a brother or sister in the faith - Praise be to God!!  But if they respond, "A good man who lived long ago and taught people the golden rule" respond, "Hmmmmm" and move onto the next question. :)

3. Do you believe in heaven or hell? Even if the person responds absolutely not, still move onto the next question.

4. If you died, where would you go? Inevitably, even if the person doesn't believe in heaven or hell, they still think they will go to heaven when they die. They really just don't want believe in hell.  A follow up question to this one might be, "would God let you into heaven?"

5. If what you are believing is not true, would you want to know? This is great because people fear missing opportunities of not knowing the right information. If the person says 'no', you can stop here and know that it is not the right time to share the Bible with them. If they respond 'yes', then you have their permission to move onto the next phase. The author of the book says he has never had someone say no (except in jest).  So, have your Bible ready.

Tomorrow, I will write out the Scriptures and how to mark them in your Bible so that it is easy to present the gospel to anyone.

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