Monday, October 10, 2011

A little about Me

My name is Dana.

A simple name for a not so simple girl, lady, woman, oh my word - old lady! At least that is how I feel a lot of the times. It isn't always because I find a new gray hair or a new wrinkle (but I have been finding these aging treasures lately) - but I feel like an old soul.

I don't like most of the new movies or TV shows. I don't like it that people are not respectful and always seem to be in a hurry. I don't like it that everyone seems to be on the phone everywhere. I don't like the way children talk to their parents at the park. I don't like families breaking up and hearts breaking. I don't like it that people are growing more and more self-centered.

I long for the days gone by.

Not my own glory days. Heavens no.

About 100 years ago. Think 'Little House on the Prairie'. Ahhh - now that's the life for me!

I'm a country girl at heart. I like the slower life. Sippin' lemonade (ok, Diet Coke) on the back porch and watching the grass grow.

But, I am a young Mom (meaning my girls are young, not me). So that hardly ever happens. If you sit on the back porch here - you get a plea for pushing the swing or throwing rocks in the lake. And if the girls are not around, then I am plagued by the feeling that something must need to be cleaned....

The last couple of years, I have been a full time stay at home Mom, wife, housekeeper, homeschool teacher, everything-to-do-with-the-house kind of gal.

Before that, I was a Computer Programmer / Analyst. Fancy way of saying I love computers! :)

My favorite time of year is anything with temperatures above 50.

I love to run. The feel of my feet slamming down just releases every stress in my body. I love it. My knees have a different opinion.

I love books. Just being in the bookstore or library (libraries are safer for our budget) brings me great joy.

It turns out I also love to write. I think it might just come with the territory of books.

Most of all - I love God. I was a sinner, running so far away from God and yet He has been so merciful, patient, loving and forgiving.... How awesome is our Father in Heaven! I am so thankful that He shook my life up - in a way that only He could - and turned me around.

Now I run towards him as fast as I can - like a child running to greet their loving Father at the end of the workday.

I want to spend every breath that I have telling about His Greatness and Lovingkindness.

I want the world to forget about Dana - but to
never forget about the God
that Dana loves so much!

I love to blog. I write about life as a Christian, keeping our bodies healthy, book/movie reviews, personal stories, and most of all - just honoring God, our heavenly Father!  I love to encourage others in their Christian walk with sermons I have heard and books I have read (esp from the most important book, the Bible).

I blog at Merry, Married, Mary Mom and also at Life According to the Siefker Girls.

Click here to find out why I chose to name the blog, Merry, Married, Mary Mom.

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At a Merry, Married, Mary Mom, in the month of October, I am writing 31 Days of Good News - which is all about evangelism, missions and taking the Good News of Christ to all the world.

In November, my focus will be on Thanksgiving and all the things I am thankful for. This will not be material objects, persay, but more about the blessings from above.

Some of my favorite posts are:

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Life According to the Siefker Girls is all about our home life, written from the perspective of my two darling daughters (6 and 2). It is a sort of diary, journal and a way of sharing our life with family and friends. These girls keep us laughing and I love to share it with all who will read. 

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  1. Hi Dana, How great to meet you through Eshter's Country Porch Blog Party. I do love the things you love, with exception of running (my knees are gone...lupus related, and computer technology...slightly impaired but learning) and hate all the things you hate! Kindred spirits I think! Thankful I have found your blog and am following. I know I will enjoy spending more time here.

  2. I came here via Esther's blog party. So nice to find your blog! I feel like an old soul sometimes, too. I find myself longing for days when life was a bit more gracious even though I know in some ways, it was probably more difficult. Look forward to getting to know you better!

  3. I agree very much with your list of "don't likes." Sometimes, I just wish that society would "slow down" a bit.

    I had to LOL about your favorite weather temperature. I take it that it gets pretty cold where you live, for 50 to 60 degrees is still too cold for my little body. :)

    Bookstores are great, but like you said, dangerous for the pocket book.

    At any rate, I found your blog through that Country Porch Blog Hop. I like your little spot here. I hope you'll come pay me a visit. :)

    ~M. Wildflower

  4. Came here from the blog party. Nice to meet you. I long for the days of old were people weren't so rude too. how much it hurts God when we hurt each other. Our parish secretary is 85-so she's been around awhile-and she said how she has noticed people being ruder in the last few years. Scary thoughts. Anyway, I also love books (mostly about God) and writing (mostly about God). I think you are right that they go hand in hand. You are not the first person to mention that.

  5. Dana, so very pleased to "meet" you! I like you, long for the "simpler" days. I long for the days of Mayberry. ;0)

    Thanks for joining the blog party!

    Much Love & Blessings,

  6. Thank you ladies for stopping by. I love to hear from readers! Sometimes I feel like I am writing for an audience of one (myself).

    I have loved stopping by all the different blogs on Esther's blog party! What a fantabulous idea!

  7. Dana, so nice to read "more" about you. I hope to learn more about you in the future! (I'm here from the blog party). :)

  8. Greetings, Dana! I am visiting your blog for the first time! It is a good thing to meet other fellow bloggers out there. I am hosting an 'Encouraging One Another' link-up today at today, and I would like to ask you to kindly join us with an encouraging post you have written from the past. More sweet friends will get to meet you as you spread what the Lord is showing you! I like your heart!!

  9. Loved your post! I'm visiting from the blog party - and like you I'm 'old' :-) I love books and the Lord too, and often blog about what I'm reading and what He is teaching me.
    Your blog header is great and includes some favorite verses of mine.

  10. Love your post...I'm visiting from Esthers blog party. So glad I stopped by...Look forward to reading more of your blog.


  11. Oh, forgot to mention...Little House on the Prairie..ahhh Me too LOL...and sitting on the porch...wish I could do it with you, we could both watch the grass grow:-)

  12. I think we are kindred spirits. :) I love LHOTP and all things old and colonial. :) Glad to have met you!

  13. Nice to meet you Dana. You have a nice blog here. Glad that I stopped by from the party!

    Amy @ Missional Mama
    {I love books too}


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