Monday, October 31, 2011

Good News {Day 31} What I have learned

Ok, so my 31 days of good news was really 29 days. Even so, my heart has been so touched this month. I hope yours has as well.

I am encouraged and excited to start sharing my faith on a regular basis.

I have ordered my pocket-sized New Testament.

I have the Romans Road highlighted and ready to go.

I have some gospel tracts in my purse. I even ordered some extras to give to the kids tonight at our Harvest Party (Lord – please let these be delivered today so we can hand them out).

 I realize that I am a missionary in my own neighborhood.

God has opened my eyes and softened my heart to the lost and hurting around me.

I have been praying earnestly for God to let me be a light for Him and to
give me opportunities to share Jesus.

I want my life to glorify God and look different to those around me (in a good way). I want people to describe our family with words like, “love, grace, truth”. 

We know the answer to the meaning of life – and so many are in search of that answer. We need to be ready and willing to share it with all who have ears to hear!

Up next month –

A Month of Thankfulness.

Thanksgiving is one of my very favorite holidays. Not because of the food, but for the focus on thankfulness. I want to spend the entire month reflecting on all the blessings we have and give all the glory to God.
We are assembling our thankful calendar today (pictures coming tomorrow - Lord willing).

How about you? What Thanksgiving traditions do you have that focus on thankfulness? I’d love it if you shared.

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