Tuesday, October 11, 2011

What a scene

What a wonderful vacation!

You pull the car over alongside the road because the view is just breath-taking. The rocky cliffs. The roaring river below. The beautiful sunset.

You want to soak it all in and thank the good Lord for a wonderful time of rest and rejuvenation.

Oh no! What is that over there?

You see the silhouette of a man. He is getting closer. He appears to be blindfolded. No one else is around. How did he get here? Did someone drop him off and leave him wandering out here with his eyes covered? How dangerous!

He is walking straight towards the cliffs! If he keeps going, he will fall to the rocks below!

What are you going to do? Rush to him! Uncover his eyes to the danger he is in! Show him the truth!

Now what about that co-worker, cashier, librarian, friend, and loved one that could die tomorrow without Christ?

Why are you not rushing to uncover their eyes to the danger they are in?

Rush to them! Show them the truth!

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