Friday, October 7, 2011

Evangelism Story and Link Up

One Teen's Evangelism Experience

Going to Chicago was an absolutely eye-opening experience.

We hear every week how we have to evangelize because the vast majority of people on the earth are blind to the truth, but you don't really feel the true sense of urgency until you've been out there, seeing just how misguided people are by Satan's lies.

One woman insisted everyone, no matter their beliefs, was going to heaven. Multiple times, one of our members kept asking, "What is your basis for believing this?" and she couldn't answer. Yet she was willing to stake her eternal salvation on that baseless belief! In spite of the evidence she was confronted with, particularly John 14:6 that says Jesus is the only way to the Father, she denied the truth.

Our group probably spoke with her for forty-five minutes, and by the end of it, we parted having to agree to disagree.

It really evoked compassion in me toward unbelievers that I didn't know I had.

The vast majority of the people we spoke to were like this! But not everyone (thank the Lord).

At the very end we encountered a man who was a huge environmental advocate. He had grown up a Catholic, but had never really heard the true gospel of Jesus. He thought he just had to make good choices and take care of the planet to go to heaven. And through God's grace and Sovereign Hand, we were able to share the gospel with him.

Our group left feeling so encouraged by the man's receptiveness that despite all the rejection and weird glances we got, talking to that man made it all worth it. That one conversation could have changed his eternal future.

This just shows, God has placed us where we are for a reason.

We pass by so many people each day without saying a single word about Jesus, yet we have this amazing truth burning inside us. So why not tell the world?

Do we really have so much to fear when God is on our side? Besides, if we, God's children, don't say something, who will?

Jesus said we're to be the salt and light of the world. So let's go season and illuminate!

In addition, the trip pressed on my heart just how privileged we are to even know the truth. So many people are headed to hell, as Jesus says in Matthew 7, and yet we have this unbelievable and undeserving privilege to know Christ, to call God our Father.

After the missions trip, I cannot help but feel this overwhelming gratitude toward God. There is nothing we've done to earn this salvation; there is nothing about us that makes us better or worse than that rude person we encounter in the store. But despite all that, God loves us. And that's awesome!


What a wonderful story about how a teenager in our church went with a group to take the good news of Jesus to the streets of Chicago! I know that God will use His words of Truth for good...

So is My Word that goes out from my mouth:
It will not return to Me empty,
but will accomplish what I desire
and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.
Isaiah 55:11

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